Foundation, administration and management of domestic and foreign companies.

Fidelitas Trust Services SA is specialized in company foundation and related legal and tax advice. It assists entrepreneurs since the preparatory phase, identifying the most appropriate country for each activity and, within each country, the region which is more convenient in terms of logistics, management and taxation. It also assists in recruitment, obtaining residence and work permits, in several contractual relations, management of the board of directors, accounting and bookkeeping, and the consequent balance sheet auditing.

Advice, administration and management for third parties of commercial and financial activities.

The experience of the Fidelitas Trust Services SA managers, born by long and intense entrepreneurial experience in foreign trade, is now available to the Clients of Fidelitas Trust Services SA. The Fidelitas Trust Services SA Consultants assist their clients in punctual, updated and effective way, to meet all administrative and bureaucratic compliances in commercial and financial fields.

Study of strategies for the internationalization of enterprises and entrepreneurs, legal advice.

The globalization of the markets has led many companies to a confrontation with an increasingly aggressive scenario. The Fidelitas Trust Services SA Consultants offer to the clients, who want to activate on the international markets, the study of marketing strategies, research of strategic alliances and the commercial and legal advice, with the objective of making their business globally competitive.

Analysis of the fiscal and monetary legislation of different countries to optimize the fiscal structure of companies and entrepreneurs.

The Swiss and international tax legislation is constantly changing. Fidelitas Trust Services SA Analysts inform their clients comprehensively and on the regular basis about the new regulations and offer an expert advice for the attainment of the objectives of the company or individual entrepreneur.

Programmed administrative and fiscal consultancy, commercial advice for institutions and companies who operate internationally.

The precise fiscal and tributary planning, as well as an adequate programming and the choice of the right solutions, play a key role in the management of each entity or business. Fidelitas Trust Services SA Consultants offer accounting and administrative services of high level, absolving, in full compliance with the rules, every aspect of bureaucratic, legal and fiscal issues.

Advice on mergers of companies, transformations, reorganization and business planning.

The Fidelitas Trust Services SA permanent contacts with national and international networks of enterprises and professionals allow our clients to have a real ad hoc Advisory Board that, prior to suggest and implement the necessary legal steps, analyses, evalues and deepens with the client all the efficient strategic elements. This is in order to suggest the most targeted solutions for each type of actions that have structural effects on the entire corporate structure and business profile of the client.

Advice and analysis for the establishment of trust.

The extensive expertise of the Fidelitas Trust Services SA consultants in the field of establishment and management of trust searches for the optimal solution for the transfer of certain assets (trust funds) to one or more trustee (both natural and legal persons), in order to be managed in favour of the beneficiaries according to the terms set out in the deed of trust. Our consultants analyze the real necessities of the client who approaches the trust, planning of the generational transition, the establishment of separate funds to protect the assets of the settlor or the beneficiaries intended to meet future necessities.

Establishment and administration of foundations in various jurisdictions.

Fidelitas Trust Services SA analyzes according to the needs and goals of its clients the appropriate jurisdiction for the establishment of a foundation. Usually the function of a Foundation is to raise, manage and preserve the property. Other solutions are analyzed by the consultants of Fidelitas Trust Services SA to search for the correct and satisfactory solution.

Advice on asset management and real estate.

A concrete experience of some Fidelitas Trust Services SA managers allows the Clients to interact with real partners, rather than simple service providers. Fidelitas Trust Services SA conforms easily to the demands of the clients and attentively recommends the most adequate operations, the technical and financial analysis for an optimal administration of their property.

Assistance in dealing with banks and other national and foreign financial institutions.

The expanded knowledge of the Swiss and international banking sector enables Fidelitas Trust Services SA to offer our clients a careful assistance in managing relations with world-class financial institutions in order to consolidate, manage or open new collaborations.

Drafting of contracts, settings of bank guarantees and documentary credits.

The long experience of Fidelitas Trust Services SA provides a highly professional advice in the setting of contracts and the statement of simple or complex bank documentation.

Advice for companies evaluations.

Fidelitas Trust Services SA consultants are are available to achieve targeted diagnosis and to analyze in depth the situation of Swiss or foreign companies of interest of the client.

Service of Temporary Manager and company Tutor.

Advice and assistance in operations of joint ventures with foreign partners.

Fidelitas Trust Services SA offers traders an accurate and comprehensive advice in the identification of Strategic Partners, in the development of business opportunities and in the definition of the financial strategies, with the aim of creating alliances or joint ventures.

Out Sourcing and Logistics, import-export, global management of cargo handling, transport analysis, advice and customs formalities.

Internationalization of the economy and complex regulations require information, updates and specific advice of the highest level. Fidelitas Trust Services SA offers full assistance and support for an ideal management of the activities of our clients in order to obtain a good time management, to prevent economic damages or avoid administrative sanctions. This competence, between the specialization of Fidelitas Trust Services SA, became in time a strong point for our clients.

Family office.

Our consultants who operate in Family Consulting study and realize a macro range of services to meet the needs of families through the development of customized investment strategies, integrated planning of the fiscal, financial and succession aspects, facilities in the operational requirements, residence, formation and communication. Governance Management of real estate investments and securities.

Study of the corporate image and the development of communication strategies.

With the advice of professionals with proven experience, Fidelitas Trust Services SA offers personalized studies of image and company communication. From the study of logos to the advice for promotional and advertising campaigns, from the organization of meetings to the management of special events, offering complete assistance: from the logistic to technology, from the research of suitable location to managing relations with the press and public relations.

National and international registration of trademarks and patents.

Fidelitas Trust Services SA experience in this area is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary. Numerous registrations of trademarks and patents that have gained international notoriety and success allow the clients of the Fidelitas Trust Services SA to use the experience in this regard, which Fidelitas Trust Services SA has already acquired and still acquires daily.